• Image of Complete Set of Munchkin Bricks - assorted colors


He says "Brains......."
AND he says you have been a good human and get (1) Prototype Brickarms Axe ( assorted colors ) for Zombie X-Mas! - This offer ends December 17th

Includes all the items: Duck of Doom, Rat on a Stick, UnNatural Axe, Shoulder Dragon prototype, Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment, The Munchkinomicon, The Chibithulhu, The Triple-Barreled shotgun, The Mitre Hat and the Spyke Helmet Kit ( it is recommended you glue the horns )

Only a few colors left ( many of them are already sold out ). Some of these colors will NEVER be available again!

Each set will include an exclusive Munchkin Card AND Bookmark while supplies last.