• Image of Complete Set of Munchkin Bricks - assorted colors


He says "Brains......."
AND he says you have been a good human and get (1) Prototype Brickarms Axe ( assorted colors ) for Zombie X-Mas! - This offer ends December 17th

Includes all the items: Duck of Doom, Rat on a Stick, UnNatural Axe, Shoulder Dragon prototype, Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment, The Munchkinomicon, The Chibithulhu, The Triple-Barreled shotgun, The Mitre Hat and the Spyke Helmet Kit ( it is recommended you glue the horns )

Only a few colors left ( many of them are already sold out ). Some of these colors will NEVER be available again!

Each set will include an exclusive Munchkin Card AND Bookmark while supplies last.


Sold Out